When Food Determines Life

Emotions and food are strongly connected. We eat to reward ourselves, to comfort ourselves or to reduce tensions. Nevertheless, someone does not immediately suffer from an eating disorder. However, conspicuous

Fitness For Anorexia

It’s a way that many (ex)-dysfunctional eaters go after anorexia or bulimia: The “fitness lifestyle”. And as a first step – building muscle and eating more – this is really

Treatment Method For Anorexia

Attention: Not all treatment methods for anorexia nervosa (and other eating disorders) are the same. There is a difference between the treatment of eating disorders in children and adolescents in

Eating Disorder Feel

It can be assumed that there is not ONE cause of eating disorders. Rather, several factors usually work together. There are different theories about how an eating disorder occurs, some

Binge Eating Disorder

Patients diagnosed with Binge-Eating Disoder often come to hospital after many failed dietary attempts. As a result of the physical impairment caused by overweight and shame due to the body