The Advantages of Insurance

Did you know that average appendicitis can cost $5,000? That paying to fix a wrecked car can cost up to $15,000? We take risks every day. We can suffer illnesses or accidents that destabilize the economy of individuals or companies. Being responsible for yourself, your family, your work team, and your assets start with acquiring insurance. In this article, we will tell you some of the advantages of having insurance.

Main advantages of having insurance in everyday life

Peace of mind for you and your family:

If at some point in your life, you suffer a medical emergency, the costs of hospitals and operations are usually very high and tend to destabilize the family economy. An insurance policy will allow you to cover these expenses.

Guaranteeing the family’s peace of mind and well-being is a priority for anyone, and there are needs that could arise in the future that you should be prepared for.

Corporate benefits:

Corporate health insurance presents several benefits for your collaborators: first, you have hospital credit for emergency and scheduled surgeries (for each of the affiliates); second, the premiums are lower than in individual insurance, you can also include dependents, maintaining the conditions.

If you contract corporate insurance, the advisor negotiates for you, according to the size and type of company, other benefits, such as discounts in pharmacies, home doctors, medical center networks, vaccinations, and preventive plans.

Having a corporate life and health insurance is a good letter of introduction for any company.

Preventive plans:

Several healthcare insurance programs include benefits related to disease prevention: from discounted vaccinations to communication programs with tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Purchasing life insurance is an important decision to protect your family. If you want a program that fits your needs and includes the best coverage, it is ideal to seek the advice of an insurance advisor.


If a natural disaster or an accident damages property or stops your business, insurance can cover those expenses and facilitate the recovery process.

Currently, there are multiple insurance policies that cover all types of risks: floods, earthquakes, fires, vandalism, and electrical failures, among others. It is not always easy to start over after a loss or accident.

For this reason, an advisor will give you the advice you need to compare the services offered by insurance companies so that you can hire the most solvent one, which in an emergency covers most of the losses.

These are some of the advantages of having insurance against possible emergencies in a person’s life. If you need advice and more information about what insurance is best for you, contact an insurance advisor like Asertec, you can quote your health, life, and auto insurance, sneak a peek here for further info.

We have more than 30 years of providing the best insurance plans to Ecuadorian families and we have the support of the best insurance companies in the country. What are you waiting for to be part of the Asertec family?

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