Keep a Shaped Beard Neat

If, like myself, you are among those men that such as the concept of having a beard however does not want to look rather like a strolling hedge, you require to keep it in check. The most effective way to do that? Continue reading!

A while back it occurred to me that I was now at the right age to re-grow my beard. I have this concept of types that guys either grow beards when they’re young as a sign maybe of their new-found manhood or to fall in with existing style, or when they’re older when they such as to believe that they will look all patrician as well as cool.

Being of the latter persuasion I laid away my straight razor for a while and also allow the fungi to grow. As I would certainly be tidy hairless for all those years since the young beardy-trendy days it did come as a little bit of a shock to see that, were dark, shiny beard development as soon as flourished, the hairs currently bulging were definitely lighter in color – like white!

Why I thought it would be any different I do not recognize – I’m grey sufficient in addition to my head. In any event, a few weeks passed as well as I went through the developer stubble phase, the itchy phase as well as the completely disreputable-looking phase to awake one early morning with a full-grown beard. Yippee!

Well, not quite. As the whiskers grew longer, they looked increasingly more untidy up until I began to resemble not a patrician but a – well, a bum, not to place it also carefully! What to do? Cut the important things of course! I picked a modern-day style, fairly short general with slim sideburns and transverse bits in between the bow of the jaw and also the chin. Easy!

Out came the straight razor. What? A straight razor for beard-cutting? Yes, sir. I had attempted electric trimmers as well as multi-blade contraptions in the past as well as located that the initial tend to grab the hair if attempting to cut as well very closely (an uncomfortable experience!) and also the 2nd obstruction miserably. Additionally, neither considers that really sharp, crisp line between beard as well as cut skin that I wanted.

Not so with the straight razor. I’ve utilized one for several years for the whole-face shave as well as think you won’t get better once you have actually understood the technique (takes concerning an entire couple of weeks generally). For exact beard trimming the straight is king. Why?

Well, the electric trimmer, as well as multi-blade or double-edge razor each, have a limiting aspect. For the electrical, it’s the size of the cutting head as well as its inability to shave truly closely. For the multi-blade, it’s the truth that because the blade ends are inboard of the cartridge finishes, an actually crisp line is almost impossible to achieve and they obstruct easily.

Consider it as a yard expanding along a path as well as trying to keep it neat with simply a simple old lawnmower. Sure, it cuts the lawn short however, bit by bit, the turf encroaches on the course. What to do then? Simple – get the long shears out. A special device for a special task – and it coincides with a straight razor (though please don’t attempt cutting your grass edges with one!).

Since it has no blade guard, a straight razor can shave a really exact edge along a line of stubble, especially where the hairline dwindles out – that line below the mustache to the chin is a fine example as there are typically a couple of hairs outside the primary beard development location. Leave these in position – and also they are extremely hard to trim with the electrical or multi-blade – and also you will always look that little neglected. Take them off with a straight razor as well as see the difference!

The majority of guys consider straight razors as products that are used purely by Luddites or men who just want to look aggressive. Well, straight razor customers may well have both groups within their rankings yet, typically speaking, they are just daily men who are either fed-up with paying through the nose for throwaway cartridge systems or just take pleasure in a standard, relaxing shave.

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