My name is Elaine Davis.

From my 15th to my 25th year I was trapped in the vicious circle of eating disorders.

I know exactly which apparent feeling of power feeds anorexia and I know all the guilt and shame that bulimia and binge eating feed on. I know how exhausting it is to maintain outer appearances and despair inwardly. I know what it means to be one’s own greatest enemy.

Do you want to know how I became completely healthy again, how I keep my desired weight without scales and nutrition plan, why I am grateful today for my eating disorders and how I can support you on your individual way “Out of the eating problem, into life!

Then I will gladly send you my “First Aid Kit”. It consists of my story, a revealing self-test, my two most important insights and a wonderful MindDetox meditation.


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Since 06.01.06 I support by Get My Family Name blog women to recognize and satisfy their hunger for life, so that their eating and weight problems can starve.

I have achieved something that many do not consider possible: I had an eating disorder and became completely healthy again!

Because I did that, I am convinced that others can do it too. I founded Get My Family Name blog to show how.

Since 2006, I have accompanied thousands of women via the Internet on their way to success.

In addition magazines such as “Stern – Gesund leben”, “CLOSER”, “EMMA” and “DONNA” report on my history and my work.

I have appeared on television as an expert, previously on RTL, WDR and RTLII.

I give lectures, e.g. at the event “Body*Talk” of the state of NRW on the topic “The role of internet communities in eating disorders”.

And by the way, the Federal Centre for Health Education has been recommending Get My Family Name blog since 2006 as the site of a (former) affected person.


I want to achieve that more and more women realize that not their bodies are “the problem”, but their thoughts (about their bodies).

I want to achieve that diets are no longer regarded as harmless, but as a potentially dangerous “entry drug” into eating disorders.

I want more and more women to remember their natural feeling of hunger and satiety and (re)trust their body.

I want to achieve that more and more women do not (let) define their value by externalities like appearance and weight.

I want to achieve that more and more women realize what opportunities lie hidden behind their apparent eating and weight problems.

I want more and more women to understand how powerful we are together and how much we can improve together.

Because I wish so much that more and more women lead a happy life and have a healthy weight!


I am not a theoretician, but everything I pass on via Get My Family Name blog is lived experience.

Affected people find themselves in my story and therefore trust me.

In other words: I went the way “out of the eating disorder purely into life” myself and can therefore serve as a signpost.

And I have made the experience that this way goes together with Gleichgesinnten more easily.

If these like-minded people are also willing to invest time and money in themselves, they will not only find the way easier, but also faster.

Therefore there is the self-help program!